Saturday, January 10, 2009

Divorce Makes Strange Bedfellows

I received a call from my ex-husband's ex-wife. As in the ex-spouse who just decided not to come home one day last March after smuggling his stuff out. We had a lovely conversation and she felt sympathy for my plight, after been on the receiving end of his betrayal herself. Oddly enough, I bet we have a lot in common. Other than the fool we married. What still kills me about him is the fact that he couldn't just man up and say he was leaving. He had to sneak out like he was breaking curfew at his parents house.

I think it must have been a hundred times harder for her since she had children with him. What he and men like him don't understand is that kids notice all that stuff and they'll remember it for the rest of their lives. Right now, they're probably blind to his flaws but eventually they'll figure out the real him. I just hope neither one of them decide to emulate him.

I'm not as hurt as I once was. I'm still mad as hell over his antics and how he went around and told everyone it was all my fault. As a friend of ours said at the time, "Really? You're still living in the house. He's the one who left." I'm not the reason he can't go to church. It's called putting on your big boy pants. Jeez, it's like being married to a 12 year old. Plus all the money he owes me that I haven't seen a single dime of yet.

At any rate, me and his ex are becoming friends which would probably just send him off the cliff. I fail to see how it could be our faults but not his. I swear one day I'm going into that pub, sit down, and have a drink just so I can stare at him for an hour.

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  1. Wait until Deadman and I can go with ya, so white boots can feel as inferior as he is.