Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Economy

Well I fell victim to the economy woes a few weeks ago. I was laid off from my $100k/year job without a severance package. The boss said he'd help me out but I haven't seen any help yet. Meanwhile, I've filed for unemployment and started my own firm. Yes, I know this isn't the time to launch a new venture but since I'm over 40 with health issues, the chance of a firm hiring me are slim to none. I pointed that fact out to my former boss.

At any rate, my former spouse continues to stiff me on the money he owes me. I was awarded $15k in the divorce for launching his business. A mere pittance considering I'm the reason the place got off the ground. Meanwhile, he has a new girlfriend whom he says has a, "special needs child that she's just WONDERFUL with." Oh yeah, that'll last until he has to do anything involving that child then he'll be out the door like before.